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5 steps to choose the best HaLong Bay cruise
Jan 11, 2019

Choosing the best HaLong cruise can be daunting, given the many variables involved. Here are 5 steps for you to choose the best HaLong Bay cruise.

Decide on your wanted destination

Decide on the exact destination first, the cruise then. In the view of travelers, the whole area is well-known as HaLong Bay but there are actual 3 different bays including HaLong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. They all have extraordinary landscape and seascape with many beautiful limestone cliffs, majestic caves and small beautiful beaches. It wasn’t long ago that most cruises took place in HaLong Bay, but these days, even the most mainstream lines offer cruising to both Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay besides HaLong Bay. Not every line goes to every destinations and some lines are stronger than others in particular bays. Another interesting destination here is CatBa Island, especially known as the Jurassic Park island after the movie King Kong 2. CatBa Island is a combination of lush forest, white sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs and hills where travelers can find nothing but wonder.

La Regina have two main lines – Lan Ha Bay & HaLong Bay – that dominate two cruises named La Regina Legend and La Regina Royal. La Regina Legend will lead you a fantastic exploration of Lan Ha Bay and HaLong Bay while La Regina Royal take you to extraordinary HaLong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay and you totally have your choice of any three of bays.

Make out when and How long to go

This can have a huge influence on which line and cruise you pick. Sometimes, shoulder seasons may be more appealing than high seasons when it’s the time for families in summers means going in winter and spring often translates into fewer visitors, better deals and more experiences. It is common that there are many itineraries for visitors depending on how long they want to stay.

La Regina Cruises offer a voyage of 3 days 2 night (3D2N) and 2 days 1 night (2D1N) in both HaLong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. If you cannot take overnight cruise, day cruise is also a perfect choice for you. Day cruise trip offers visitors a little taste of the feeling of navigating and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of LanHa Bay while overnight cruises can give them more time to enjoy leisurely and to soak up the local culture, people and natural scenery of the bay.

In summary, how long you stay depends on how badly you need to relax and what your budget is. The longer you stay, the more chances you’ll have to navigate through areas far from crowds and to do more outdoor activities.

Determine your budget

When you determined the destination and the time to cruise, check out you budget. Like hotels and motels, cruises in HaLong Bay come in a wide variety of prices and levels in the different times of the year. Each cruise you choose has got its own unique set of features, perks and amenities as well as costs. A quick search on the web will reveal reviews and comments about quality food, accommodation and service, even best prices. Make sure you will be happy with your choices within your budget and be noted that you totally get the perfect trip though you don’t need to hurt your wallet.

La Regina Cruises now have many special promotions for all itinerary to both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Search your cruise and excursions

“Do I mind being with crowded? Am I bringing the kids? How important is the food? How much do I care about entertainment and experience? What are excursions?” Try to keep all these questions in the mind when researching cruises to knowing the cruises clearly. Cruises ships are now getting bigger and more popular which means more passengers are on most cruises. However, the new La Regina cruises make sure all travelers can find the private places on sundeck, suite with balcony, library or even in restaurant for themselves and children as well. La Regina cruises also offer babysitting service to bring the incredible trip to families. Apart from off-board exploring landscape and seascape of the Bays, there are many on-board activities for travelers like food demonstration, Yoga and Meditation or Fruit curving to discover Vietnamese culture.

Book/ Reserve through a reliable place

The more people from all over the world who are looking for a cruise trip to HaLong Bay, the more tour agencies throughout Vietnam. No matter which agencies, hotels you book through, search and find reliable places recommended by other travelers. In addition, you can totally contact the cruise La Regina Cruises directly where you can get detailed information before you go on cruises.

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