9 things wish-to-know before first cruise
Jan 28, 2019

Living on a spectacular cruise for few days, waking up each morning in a new incredible destination—sounds awesome, doesn’t it? If you’re planning to take a first cruise, here are 9 things to know before you go.

#1. Spend time touring the cruise

Take an hour to just walk around the entire cruise after arriving and finding your room. The cruise is always an interesting place where you can calm yourself and relax after the long way to it. On La Regina cruises, you will be surprised and impressed by the elegant and luxurious yet youth-oriented with a cozy atmosphere and a delightful blend of traditional Vietnamese design. In addition, that you can know where things will not leave you confused and waste most of the time. Besides, you can completely feel safe and sound like at your home when being familiar with cruises.

#2. Purchase a package tour

You will be surprised when a tour package does not only include on-board activities of relaxation, sightseeing but also all services and off-board ones. The journey to explore HaLong Bay and LanHa Bay will be an unforgettable memory when you experience kayaking, exploring the mysterious cave or visiting the village around the bay when cruising with La Regina Cruises. Best to plan your trip and book in advance a cruise package.

#3. Buy a private balcony room

This is worth it! The better you preserve a private balcony room, the more wonderful your cruise trip is. It is as usual to watch the sun rise and sun set over the sea everyday on sundeck. However, it will be beyond fantastic for you to be able to peacefully have a cup a tea while sitting on your private balcony and listening to the lapping of the ocean against the cruise. There are always some private balcony rooms for you on La Regina cruises.

#4. Enjoy the exemplary dining

On cruises, there is always a restaurant and private cafe for all meals. You can enjoy all different dishes while cruising and sightseeing. If you intend to take a cruise on Ha Long Bay, La Regina cruise will bring you not only the daily meals with fusion cuisine with traditional Vietnamese taste and innovative modern dishes, but also a cooking demonstration. Meanwhile, you can also understand more about Vietnamese culinary culture. Experience and enjoy the cruise.

#5. Enjoy the nightlife

Nightlife on HaLong Bay and LanHa Bay will become a movable feast when you join the nightlife on cruise. You will wish you did explore more of various offers at night included in your package after coming home and suddenly seeing a picture of your friend holding a glass of wine, standing on the top-deck bar and enjoying the starlight or sitting in the luxury and elegant restaurant. Then, ask yourself what was I doing on the cruise at night?

#6. Read your Compass and turn on your TV

Every single day, when your room is maid and tidied up, they always leave a cruise Compass containing a detailed and complete schedule of activities and events the next day. At the same time, the compass also contains other important information including where to eat, hour of different services and activities or even discount time – and more. It will not take a lot of time for you to prepare and suit for and you can spend more time discovering other exciting activities. In addition, on some cruises, TV broadcasts a morning show every single morning that informs cruisers about all the activities of the day. Remember the TV on a cruise isn’t like a hotel TV, it has a purpose, turn it on.

#7. Bring medicine and sunscreen

It is not until your first cruise do you know whether you suffer from seasickness or not. Bringing a little medicine will ensure your first cruise complete and perfect without any unpleasant sensation. Moreover, pain medicine may be helpful in case you have a headache or any kind of pain. However, it is no need to worry too much because some cruise like La Regina Cruises has also a medical service and doctors as requested. In addition, don’t forget to bring sunscreen even though you want to be tan.

#8. Consider babysitting services

You are cruising with the whole family and you want to relax really while your kids just want to have fun. Make sure if your cruise has babysitting service or play of your kids can participate in activities without parents. Many cruises offer babysitting, classes or day camps that are worth checking out.

#9. Gym on the cruise

You do not want to break you daily work-out routine, do you? Is the cruise’s buffet making it hard to put on your dress? Cruises like La Regina Cruises have well-equipped gyms that can you stay in shape during your itinerary. You can absolutely start a new day with your gym on cruise . Be healthy and be happy!

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