Nobleness, Power and Glamour

A voyage with La Regina Legend Cruise is beyond cruising experience; it’s the individual rendezvous with a Vietnamese-hearted woman, who claims herself the Queen of the Bays. She leads you to the extraordinary seascapes and landscape of Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Island. Together with her, you discover the profound Oriental feminine heart and soul, which is as soft as silk, as tender as the breeze, nevertheless, as mighty as the ocean. Inspired by the story of Vietnamese Queens, La Regina Legend Cruise embodies power, femininity, and seducement.
Let yourself join her exclusive journey with the ultimate personalized onboard service and the most sophisticated accommodations and facilities in Lan Ha Bay ( as part of Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay).

Our History

La Regina Cruises is founded by Mr. Thanh Vu, a businessman in Quang Ninh Province, who leads several successful business in coal mining & processing, maritime transport and hospitality & travel.
Mr. Thanh Vu started his business with the local famous industry of coal mining and processing very soon since the early of 2000s; which is the foundation of his business in maritime transport and hospitality later minutes.

Finding his great passion with the ocean and maritime, he started built the first cargo ship of his transportation crew in 2008 and established his own company of Sea Transportation on 9 September 2009.

Our brand story

The Meaningful Name

Originated from Latin, “La Regina” means “Queen,” sounds a musical rhythm. Named arrogantly as a Queen, La Regina Legend Cruise brings her femininity power and beauty into the emerald water of Lan Ha Bay. There’s no specific prototype for the cruise.

However, La Regina Legend calls many queens through Vietnam’s feudal and colonial history. She honors the blend of traditional mysteriousness and unique Indochina culture.



The Story Of Queens

Onboard La Regina Legend, you are expected to forget the sense of time while immersing in the space of enchanting.

Our “Princess” and “Queen Triple” tell the story of Nam Phuong, the final queen of Vietnam feudal era. Nam Phuong was born a traditional Vietnamese woman but soon became a sample of modern and brilliant beauty in Nguyen Dynasty.

The VIP 130-sqm “Queen Regent” suite tells us the incredible story of Queen Regent Y Lan, from a village lassie to the most powerful woman in Vietnam’s history as a Queen regnant.

La Regina Legend fascinates us by her glamorous and intelligence. Stay and feel what she has to offer.

Ultimate Luxury – Personalized Service

La Regina Legend has perfected the art of traveling well; suffused with elegance and a sense of assured ease in every detail. Our spacious, and well-furnished cruise set the benchmark in luxury cruising travel, providing an exclusive and refined experience for those with discerning tastes.

Our attentive crew takes great pride in making your stay on board flawless and outstanding. From the very first greeting when you embark on the way your welcome card greets you by name, we believe that the key to excellent service is professional and sincere. It isn’t stuffy and never rushed. It’s always friendly, but never over-familiar and lack of delicateness. Here is what La Regina Collection service is renowned.


“Action for a Green Halong” is an annual event with the aim to create and enhance awareness about environment preservations in Halong Bay. This is the 4th time Halong Bay has hosted this event. The event was organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in collaboration with Bhaya – the cruise company, GreenHub and other NGOs partners of the Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance.

Launched on the 14th June 2018, the event was organized in celebrating World Environment Day 2018 with the theme: #Beat Plastic Pollution – if you cannot reuse it, REFUSE it. The event also encourages tourism, hotel and yacht businesses in doing specific actions to reduce plastic wastes. As the representative business in Hai Phong area and Lan Ha Bay, La Regina Cruises is proud to spread the message about the event to other organizations and volunteers. Ms. Pham Hoan, Managing Director at La Regina Cruises have shared that many new ideas are being implemented on boats in order to create sustainable tourism at the bay.
The event attracted representatives from more than 100 organizations includes Halong cruises, travel companies, tour guides, universities, USAID, non-government organizations and expert groups participating in activities such as training in collecting and separating wastes.
As the youngest member of the Halong – Cat Ba Union, La Regina Cruises is committed to preserving the environment and the local community of Halong Bay. La Regina Cruises also promise to continue working with IUCN on future environmental projects and maintain as an active member of the Halong – Cat Ba alliance in the future.