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Extraordinary Ha Long Bay throughout a year
Jan 7, 2019

No longer just a place to “vacation” in the summer, Ha Long Bay is transforming itself into a tourist destination for spring fall winter thanks to the special cultural and tourism experiences and the breathtaking scenery. During the four seasons, Ha Long Bay is worth visiting the whole year round for its own hidden beauty in every single season. There are four distinctive seasons in Ha Long: the warm spring, the wet and hot summer, the cool autumn, the cold and dry winter.
HaLong Bay in warm spring – February to April
Spring lasts from the middle of February through June, which is referred to as a shoulder season. Temperatures on HaLong Bay during the spring season range from 16oC to 20oC, warmer than it is in winter and the amount of rain is lower than summer time. There is still the possibility of rainy and foggy conditions during the spring months, but the fog is not as thick as it is in the winter. March is considered as an ideal time of year for a trip to Ha Long Bay.
This is absolutely perfect for all kinds of activities, especially cruising and holding the breathtaking scenery which contains thousands of limestone karsts and islets in various sizes and shapes.

HaLong Bay in hot summer – May to July
Summer is a time when visitors always want to find a personal oasis for themselves and their family to escape the heat of summer. That is perhaps one of the reasons why Halong Bay has long been regarded as an ideal place with its clear blue sky, cool winds and shimmering golden sands for visitors from all over world.
During the summer months, Ha Long Bay with typical hot and dry Southwest monsoon may be significantly reduced thanks to the cool breeze. The temperature is quite high around 29oC -34oC. This is the perfect chance to get clear views of stunning islands and have sun-tanned skin when the sun shines from early morning until as late as 7 p.m.

HaLong Bay in cool autumn – August to October
Summer ends with the transformation of weather. The average temperature is lower than 27oC, so travelers can enjoy the cool and pleasant weather during this time. From August to September, there may be infrequent typhoons, which can make itinerary change, but these storms will not last longer than 2-3 days. As usual, tourists can immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of emerald water, unspoiled beaches, majestic limestone.

HaLong Bay in cold and foggy winter – November to January
In the winter, the weather in Ha Long Bay is quite dry and cold, with the short and light sunshine, but it can possess a mystery beauty of the foggy magnificient scenery. The highest temperature reaches to only 20oC, while the temperature can drop to about 8oC.
For those who like to enjoy the “cold of winter”, travelers can get a lot of exciting activities like squid fishing, exploring the cave while others can get an ideal escape when staying in the cabins and enjoying reading books, listening to music and having dinner inside the cruise.

Do not miss your time in Vietnam and check the weather to get a complete cruise holiday in HaLong Bay better.

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