Bai Tu Long Bay is located Northeast of Halong Bay. Most of the areas in Bai Tu Long Bays are uninhabited by humans. Many visitors enjoy coming to the bay in order to find a feeling of peace and quiet amidst natures. Locations such as Ban Chan Beach and Thien Son Canh Cave are places that you should totally visit for sightseeing and be exploring. If you want to endow yourself with the small fishermen’s communities here then floating villages such as Vung Vieng, Cap La and Cong Dam are the perfect places for you. Typically, only cruises of 3 days length visit this location.



This destination is most suitable for families or group of friends wanting to have a memorable experience, and spend quality time with their spouses. Ban Chan beach is listed as a “hidden” and “remote” destination here in Bai Tu Long Bay. Upon arrival, you can almost instantly feel the island's fresh air flowing down to your long as you inhale. Everything about this area from the white sandy beach to the clear emerald waters to the surrounding jungle landscape all expressed a sense of pure natural beauty.  Visitors arriving can partake in outdoor activities such as camping on the beach, kayaking or exploring nearby areas.



Cong Dam area is a good location for kayaking. This is the home to a small floating village settlement with a population of about 120 people, which has mostly retained intact its traditional fishing culture. Travelers can make a kayaking tour of the area to enjoy the scenery while understanding more about the life of the peoples here or join the local fishermen's in learning how to net fishing. Travelers can also feel free to explore nearby lagoons and sea caves such as Tra Gioi, Cay Bang, and Cat Oan. 



Cap La is a small fishing village located between Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. There are around 80 households and more than 200 residents living in the area. Cap La village population consists mainly of fisherman’s, the children’s here would only go to school until they are 12 years old, then they stop and started working as fishermen’s themselves. Commodities such as clean waters and petrol are very scared around this area. Generators are the only power source for the households.



Located at the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng floating village has become a popular destination for anyone visiting the area. The people’s way of life such as living in floating houses and travel around using boats has been the main attraction for visitors from around the world. Many came to Vung Vieng to exhibit the beautiful sunset as fishing nets slung from boats or listening to the friendly fishermen’s tell stories about their own experience with the fishing job. This is also a good location for kayaking and exploring the local community.



Thien Canh Son cave is mostly known for its interior exquisite stalagmite design. To reach this location, you’ll have to climb about 100 stone steps which can be a great workout. Once arrived, you can venture into the cave to exhibits the most exquisite and unique creations by Mother Nature herself. The stalagmites and stalactites here formed in various shapes that very much capture the eye of visitors. You can really spend hours exploring the area.