Lan Ha Bay covers more than 7,000 ha, in which around 5,000 ha is part of Cat Ba National Park. This is known to be a less visited destination due to its distances from Halong City. The area also includes about 400 islands and a lot of beautiful beaches. Unlike its more popular neighbors, Lan Ha Bay receives fewer visitors annually. But it is also due to this fact that Lan Ha Bay is a perfect location for exploring and camping activities.  Most of the natural environment here is very clean and unaffected by humans leaving it a potential destination that could attract more visitors in the future.



Known as one of the best destinations where you can acquire a relax kayaking experiences, Dark and Bright Cave is located in Cat Ba National Park. Through the cave entrance, you will reach a round lake surrounded by trees and other lush plants or vegetation’s making it a spectacular sight. As you travel further into the cave, you can feel the shadows becoming more vivid as the light behind you begin to slowly fade away giving you a feeling of complete emergence. A flashlight is recommended if you want to explore the interior details of the Dark Cave. The Bright Cave is shorter and you can see lights from the other side.



Ba Ham Lake or “Three Tunnel Lake” got its name from the 3 tunnel structures that linked to 3 different lake areas. Traveling through the tunnels, you will be amazed at the exotic stalagmites and stalactites interior structures. It is also recommended that you should take your time in exhibiting the naturally formed structures of the stalagmites and stalactites in the tunnels. Upon reaching the lake, you will be astounded as you look up to the majestic views of the large limestone mountains. Other wildlife’s such as squirrels, white bats or monkeys are very active on the surface and keep things lively. The water here is so clear and emerald that makes you almost wants to jump down and have a swim.



Luon cave is about 60m in length and 2-4m high. This is a suitable location for kayaking. Exiting the cave, you will reach a tranquil round lake surrounded by Limestone Mountains. Upon these mountains, you will see monkeys quickly jumping around from one spot to another. This is also the home to many species of flowers.



Ba Trai Dao Beach or “Three Peach Islet” receives its name from the three peach shaped mountains in the area. Visitors can easily notice this detail if they observe the mountains from afar. Recognized as of the most famous beach in Halong Bay, the path to Three Peach Islet can only be travel during low tide. This is an ideal swimming area not just for its beautiful and poetic scenery but also for its firm seafloor and shallow waters. According to the local stories, the three mountains were originally peaches stolen from heaven by a fairy and gave to a poor fisherman, whom she loves, to grant him eternal life. The gods then found out about this and turned the fruits into peach shaped mountains.



Cua Van village is the largest floating village in the Lan Ha Bay. Recognized as one of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by the website, Cua Van village still retained most of its traditions and culture. Upon visiting the village, visitors are able to participate in the local’s active lifestyle or doing kayaking and explore the nearby majestic mountains. The people here are also very attentive to their community environment. Traveling around the village area by boat on a daily basis in search of floating waste and removing them is just amongst the many activities created to protect the water resource by the locals here.



Deemed as an important destination of historical and cultural values, Tien Ong cave is located 20 km from Hai Phong City. The cave’s entrance is 50m wide and 10m high. Inside Tien Ong Cave, the archeologists has found fossilized animal bones, pottery shards, shells and ancient tools indicating that the cave was inhabited around 8,000-10,000 years ago. This is an ideal location for visitors to explore as well as to learn more about the historical values of the cave.