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Top 5 Cruise Packing Tips
Jan 15, 2019

Packing for a cruise always seems like an impossible task. Beach days and party nights, snorkeling, kayaking, exploring the cave or visiting villages around, etc. How can we possibly pack for all of them? What are we forgetting? How can we avoid excess baggage fees?

Packing your carry-on bag and checked luggage wisely

Don’t pack all of your of clothes in the checked-in bags just because you you don’t want to carry on your bags. Divide them into two part properly, one in checked-in luggage and one in your carry-on bags. This is important for two reasons: First, if your luggage is delayed in being delivered, you’ll possibly take a bath and enjoy all the on-board activities, rather than waiting for you suitcases. Second, in case your luggage get lost, at least you’ll have some essentials with you.

If you tend to over-pack, lay out all your clothes that is thought to be needed, then only pack half. To save room in your suitcase, it’s better to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Finally, remember to carry all cameras, electronic games, jewelry and prescription medicine, especially your valuables in your carry-on.

Keep your outfits sorted and dress for destination

Going on a cruise requires you to bring many different types of clothing such as day-wear, sportswear, pajamas, swimwear, and even gym-wear. If you take a cruise on HaLong Bay or LanHa Bay, you maybe want a pair of flip flops to walk on the beach, a pair of sneaker to easily explore the islands and caves or a high heels for a romantic evening on board. But you don’t need to bring all of them if you know how to mix and match your clothes properly. Change up the look of one formal outfit with different accessories or put on a coat, rather than bring two outfits.

In addition, you should prepare clothes that get fit of culture or weather of the place you are going to. You would love to put on a coat when it is turning cold at night in HaLong Bay and LanHa Bay from November to March.

Consider doing laundry on-board

Make sure to thoroughly read all the services on board cause not all cruises offer free laundry service. You can also pack a small bag of laundry detergent to wash your clothes in cabin’s bathroom. Prepare yourself a zip bag for the dirty clothes if you only go on a cruise for a 2D1N or 3D2N trip on HaLong Bay or LanHa. You would not want to let your dirty clothes next to new one or in your suitcase.

Save rooms for suitcase

Wherever you go, there are different cultures and traditions. You will probably want to pick up some gifts for loved ones in your family and friends, or simply a souvenir for yourself to remind you of a memorable cruise trip, so you’ll need room in your luggage to bring them home. You can easily get some the wind chimes and bracelets created from marine species and coal in HaLong or LanHa Bay. It won’t take up much space in your suitcase, and you can fill it up and check it for the flight home.

Bring the sunscreen and spray mosquito

Weather in the sea is always very different from the land, especially on sunny days. Sunlight will burn your skin quickly. While cruising in HaLong or LanHa Bay, beside on-board activities, you will take part in offboard activities such as kayaking, exploring caves or visiting nearby villages. You absolutely don’t want that after a cruise, your skin become sunburnt and emerged. Remember to bring sunscreen and mosquito scream to protect your skin.

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