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Top 5 destinations in Vietnam for winter holiday choices
Jan 2, 2019

Winter holiday is the chance to go places where the life is slower to take a deep break in winter coldness. La Regina’s suggestion about destinations will help you and your family make the most of your winter holidays in Vietnam.


Sapa, around 350 kilometers from Hanoi and easily accessed by car, train or bus, is one of the most popular destinations for winter holiday choices. During winter months, the temperature can even fall below zero and snow could be seen in Sapa, which is a rare sight for a tropical country like Vietnam. The landscape from house roofs, forest, gardens to the road are all covered in snow. The entire town seems to be shrouded in fog, which makes the scenery more vaporous and mysterious. Hiking and trekking enthusiasts will love the challenges that the valley offers while culture junkies are bound to enjoy Bac Ha Sunday market.

Source: Hachi8

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is always one of the top destinations in Northern Vietnam for winter travelling season and brings its own heart-melting scenery to all visitors. When tourists go to Ha Giang during winter and spring time, they will enjoy the cold wind in the stunning scenery of rocky plateau decorated with pink and white buckwheat blossoms like Meo Vac or Yen Ninh. The pure beauty of the flower dazzles nature lovers. Another attraction here is the taste of unique dishes of the ethnic minorities.

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Moc Chau

The period from November to February is the most beautiful time of Moc Chau, located about 200 km west of Hanoi. During the winter time, Moc Chau is a scenic plateau with a wide variety of flowers and down in the valleys. Especially, the white blumea flowers, plum flowers and peach flowers starts to blossom in the thin layer of fog to take over the plateau and turn Moc Chau into a dreamy heaven on earth.

Moc Chau

Da Lat

With an incredible landscape, Dalat, Sapa of the South, is one of the most must-to-visit destinations in Vietnam during the whole year. At the end of the year, the temperature will be lower, there is a bit of drizzling rain and blooming of many cold flowers. Visitors come here feel the freshness and extremely pleasant. The poetic and romantic scene with thousands of blooming flowers makes the landscape here like paradise of “the city of thousand flowers”.

Da Lat

Ha Long

In the winter, the weather in Ha Long Bay is quite dry and cold, with the short and light sunshine, but it can possess a mystery beauty of the foggy magnificent scenery. The highest temperature reaches to only 20oC, while the temperature can drop to about 8oC. For those who like to enjoy the “cold of winter”, travelers can get a lot of exciting activities like squid fishing, exploring the cave while others can get an ideal escape when staying in the cabins and enjoying reading books, listening to music and having dinner inside the cruise.

Kayaking in HaLong Bay

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