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Unique and rich cuisines on Halong Bay
Jan 23, 2019

HaLong Bay has impressed visitors not only by its majestic scenery, mysterious caves, beautiful beaches around the bay but also by its rich and unique cuisine with taste of the sea. Should visitors come back Ha Long one more time travelling to HaLong Bay without having once tried grilled squid, horseshoe crab, peanut worm, nodding cake and fortune cake.

Grilled Chopped Squid

In the top 10 Asian dishes, Grilled Chopped Squid is a proud specialty, becoming the “gastronomic monument” in Ha Long. The squid in Ha Long taste sweet and is very well-pounded by hand. When enjoying every piece of natural yellow grilled squid, visitors will feel the crispness, the toughness and the sweet, delicious taste of fresh squid. In addition, they can smell the aroma of squid and sea from far away. HaLong people often eat grilled squid with sticky rice. The scent of fresh rice blending with the flavors of fresh squid creates an extremely attractive flavor.

Grilled Chopped Squid (Cha muc HaLong)

Horseshoe Crab (Sam bien)

Another specialty in Ha Long is horseshoe crab. Horseshoe crab belongs to the family of crabs, but bigger. Horseshoe Crab has not been cultivated yet, so visitors will definitely enjoy the fresh ones. Horseshoe crab can be cooked into a variety of dishes such as: steamed crabs, sweet and sour fried crabs, fried with chili, baked cartilage, salad, crispy fried egg and so on. One fun fact about this specialty is that they usually come in couples, females carry males on their backs, so when catching and processing, both in couples will be prepared.

Horseshoe Crab (Sam bien HaLong)

Peanut Worm (Sipunculus – Sa Sung)

Peanut worms have another name as sand worm, a kind of seafood that only exists in Halong. Peanut worm is always on the list of delicious dishes must-try when traveling to Ha Long. Many people do not dare to eat because they look like all the worms, however, if visitors are brave enough to ignore the psychological fear and try it, they will receive the precious gift and understand the reason why this dish is so famous. Fresh peanut worm fried with garlic spikes make a delicious and attractive dish.

Peanut Worm (Sipunculus – Sa Sung HaLong)

Nodding Cake (Banh gat gu)

The reason for the cake called “nodding” which is both humorous and interesting is that the cake is curled up into a long and soft roll turning to nod up and down, to many sides. Guests who have finished must also “nod” to compliment the dish. The cake is served with chicken fat sauce and onions, even with Caramelized pork.

Nodding Cake (Banh gat gu)

Fortune Cake (Banh tai long ep)

Fortune cake is the specialty made from the skillful hand of San Diu people. At first glance, visitors will see that the cake is quite similar to the steamed rice cake in the West, but a little bit darker. Although the appearance is extremely simple, but the way to make it is quite elaborate and thorough. The aromatic, sweet, fleshy taste of this cake will surely remind visitors about Ha Long.

Fortune Cake (Banh tai long ep)

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