Viet Hai Cultural Farming Conservation
The amazing discovery and culture encounters

Viet Hai village, with pristine natural beauty and hospitable welcoming villagers, provides an excellent base for exploring the sights of Cat Ba Island in-depth. With a wide number of activities to discover, from kayaking and swimming in the emerald bay area  nearby the local jetty to leisure biking along the peaceful path or even hard trekking through national park, this sought-after part of village will not cease to amaze you.

Viet Hai village until recently was completely unknown to foreign tourists, and generally a pretty isolated place. Nested deeply in the lush tropical forest of Cat Ba National Park, this fishing village for a long time was not connected with the outside world as there was only little dirt road from the village to the local boat dock, 25 km away from major tourist port in Tuan Chau, Halong city, 6 km from Cai Beo tourist jetty in Cat Ba island. To get to the village, there are only two ways:  by boat ( 1 hour from Cat Ba island or 3 hour from Halong) or by 5 hour hard trek from Cat Ba town.

Owning unique location and beauty, Viet Hai village is slowly waking up and becoming a great must-see attraction for local and international tourists once cruising in Lan Ha Bay or visiting Cat Ba Island.

With a 36 hectare rice farming area surrounded by a high range of limestone mountains, Viet Hai village used to be known for its picturesque and colorful rice paddies but recently, more young people from the village of only 70 families are moving to the sea for better fishing income. That leaves the field empty without any rice cultivation.

La Regina Cruises, with high intention to create unique activities and local cultural experience for its guests, has deeply studied Viet Hai village’s daily life and traditional cultures and recognizes this rural community possessing  great advantages of natural resources and culture heritage that will attract agritourism development.

For almost a year, La Regina Cruises' Product Team has been working with local government and families to repair and conserve old clay houses as well as to work on planning, designing and constructing the garden, clay houses, collecting farming and fishing tools for display.

Having Viet Hai Cultural Farming Conservation Houses completed, La Regina Cruises will bring a unique opportunity for its guests to experience the local farming and fishing culture.

Our guests will join hands with host family to do farming works: hoeing the soil, planting and watering vegetables, water scooping, fishing...then preparing fresh-cut vegetables from the garden and fish that you just catch for cooking class between the lush garden.  

With this cultural farming conservation project, we do hope its success will greatly increase if Viet Hai village observes and practices self-sufficiency farming and employ sustainable agriculture practices while preserving their local cultural heritage. The objective of this project is to conserve rural cultural heritage, the agricultural landscape, the local traditions, the local sustainable agriculture practices, the locally practiced sustainable conservation methods, and farmers sensitivity to conservation that are appropriate for agritourism development. In addition, the conservation of local farming traditions and cultural heritage can serve as the basic foundation for agritourism destination farm development.



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