Yacht Service



As the exclusive distributor of Viet yacht Marina Club, we are the only company in Vietnam that provides yachting and sailing services for B2B market amongst travel agents, operators, DMCs, and hospitality properties in Vietnam.


Going yachting is the best definition of luxury. In many developed countries, yachting is even considering as a classy lifestyle for those who wants to travel. The yacht itself is consider as a luxury because its offer the passengers many exquisites experience. A bit different from going on a cruise ship and shared your experiences along with other passengers, this travel experience will truly be of your own. This is a luxury that only a few get to experience.  As you’re enjoying the view from your yacht; you will feel a sense of empowerment and confident.

Yachting offers complete freedom and comfort as you will conquer the sea on your own pace. One of the perks about yachting is that you are not time constricted; you won’t have to feel the pressures of being able to keep up with planned schedules. It will give you the choices to be either leisure or active on your journey.  You will be able to travel while taking your time enjoying the views as well as spending time to bond with your family.

As you relax on your yacht, you will find a sense of intimacy and peacefulness as each wave’s passes under the ship causing it to move up and down. Such motions will make you realized as you are taking in the views of just how vast the ocean is. This is also a great chance to reconnecting with nature as you travel, the wind touching through your skin, the sound of the sea flirting in your ears. You will then realize just how majestic the sea is.  This is truly the best perk of renting a yacht in a sense that you can truly feel alone on the open sea.


We offer a wide range of flexible pricing and service options for our customers; Skippered or Serviced; as well as the number of hours passengers want to spend on the yacht. Customers can also choose between 7 different types of yacht, each varied in sizes and designs. These models also differentiate according to the number of passengers onboard. Other accommodations include water bottles, complimentary dishes, and on-board insurance.

We provide the most experienced staffs to accommodate you on your journey. Our staffs will make sure that you and your family or friends will meet with the most phenomenal experience and satisfaction. Passengers can design their own journey by pre-selecting and agreed upon their prefer itinerary before departure.

We are Halong travel expert, who will host your cruise with the best consultancy and recommendation. Upon your interest, we would lead you to the greatest destination you are searching for whether it’s a hidden beach or a must-see cave. Put your Halong discovery in good hands and you will feel no regret.

La Regina cruises yachting service will give you the best traveling experiences. Our yachts can take you to any destinations that you desire at any convenient time. You will be the master of your own journey. A great opportunity for adventuring and exploring exotic destinations awaits you.