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While a traditional junk boat cruise is an excellent way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Lan Ha Bay at a relaxed pace, the active among you can get your paddle out on an off-boat excursion and explore the beauty of the bay up close on a kayaking adventure. This activity is designed to make the good sense of combination of physical exercise and relaxing time while experiencing off beaten route cruising in Lan Ha Bay.

Most tour and boat companies operating in Lan Ha Bay have available kayaking equipment for everybody who wants to experience the world wonder up close and personal. Seeing the formations, going through the caves, paddling through the calm waters, visiting secret lagoon, beaches and floating fish farm and embracing the landscape itself are just some of the amazing things you could do on a kayak.

Kayak is usually provided by your cruise (for a fee or included in cruise price) or you can rent one at each attraction place that allows kayaking. Kayaking is generally not difficult and is assumed to be very safe in these calm waters of Lan Ha Bay. However, to enjoy it completely, you need to follow these travel guides such as wearing the life vest, listen carefully to the tour guide instructions and put all your devices in a waterproof bag.

Almost all cruises in Lan Ha Bay can serve you kayaking, even a 1-day trip cruise. Nevertheless, with a 2-day trip or 3-day trip, you will have plenty of time to enjoy this interesting activity. On a 1-day trip, with too many activities in one day, you will have only 20 to 30 minutes for kayaking while this marvelous Lan Ha Bay is worth enjoying at least a few days.