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La Regina Cruises - Official Website - A voyage with La Regina Cruises is beyond the cruising experience; it’s the individual rendezvous with a Vietnamese-hearted woman, who claims herself the Queen of the Bays.

They say La Regina Legend is a glamorous cruise without compare! The ship effortlessly blends all that’s great about the liners past – wood detailing and brass fixtures, for example – with modern comfort and luxury. She features luxury down to the smallest detail, from the ornately decorated paintings of Vietnamese queens in the restaurant to the wood-paneled library, La Regina Legend’s beauty lies within her features. Honestly, the four-deck cruise deserves to be fully explored to uncover her secrets and your favorite places on board.
Ultimate Luxury Ultimate Luxury

La Regina Cruise has perfected the art of traveling well; suffused with elegance and a sense of assured ease in every detail.

Our Suites Our Suites

The collection of elegant and sumptuous suites reaffirms La Regina Legend Cruise as the best of the best in Halong Bay. The combination of sophisticated décor and comfort make our suites the perfect sanctuary. Spacious suites with large balconies offer a retreat from every day and ample space to relax and unwind.

Our Suites Our Suites

The collection of elegant and sumptuous suites reaffirms La Regina Legend Cruise as the best of the best in Halong Bay.

Fleet of Luxury Boats

Let yourself join her exclusive journey with the ultimate personalized onboard service and the most sophisticated accommodations and facilities in Lan Ha Bay ( as part of Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay).


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As one of the most innovative ships in the industry, La Regina Cruises is a sight to behold. Marvel at her unique, outward-facing design in these images.

Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery Picture Gallery
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Here is a list of answers we have for the questions from customers who are new to cruising. If you have additional questions, please call our hotline. You can also visit our FAQ section on our website for more frequently asked questions and detailed answers about cruising.

01How to decide between Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay so far has been quite popular & well - known to travelers worldwide. Consequently, the trend has lead to the overcrowd as well as many attribute concerning the environmental perspectives.
On the other hand, Bai Tu Long & Lan Ha Bay are believed to be two bays which are increasingly recognized becauses of its beauty & tranquilty. Travelers who prefer more privacy & less touristy areas tend to choose the overnight boat with the cruising loop in these areas over Ha Long Bay recently.

02When is the best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay?

Please bear in mind that certain activities like swimming or diving may not be permitted if the weather becomes too cold. Ha Long Bay in Spring ( March, April, May).
Travelling to Ha Long Bay in Spring is quite pleasant in terms of weather condition with temperature approximately around 24°C. There’s a medium chance of raining but it is not an all day soaker event. Unlike any rains storms which are likely to deliver the cruise cancellation, the rains just pop up during the afternoon, move quickly and have been known to actually rain while still sunny. Humidity is starting to rise so the weather is generally pleasant with clear blue skies. This season is also a perfect timing for outdoor activities such as: kayaking, swimming, rock climbing & especially squid fishing in the evening ( the squid season in Halong lasts for only 2-3 months at most). April coincides with Easter festive so you might expect this period slightly busier than other months. The price range at this time is also slightly increase basing on customer’s demand.

03How can people contact me while I am on board?

Onboard WIFI and mobile connections in HALONG BAY.
We understand that staying in touch with family, relatives, friends & work when travelling is extremely vital.Yet, when cruising in HALONG BAY, you might experience the signal to be weakened, not stable or even in the worst scenario not available. The further our cruises sail away from the port,the weaker transmission it will be due to the obstruction of the thousand karsts & limestone towers.
Furthermore, as our commitment moto from our group: leading you with the longest cruising loop covering the most remote, tranquil areas, the transmission has not yet developed there yet.
So, you might find it slightly incovenient but we believe you deserve the short time frame without electric devices & spending the precious time for your loved ones.

04Is there Wi-Fi onboard Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay cruise?

In line with our promises delivering top notch services, La Regina Collection does offer complimentary WIFI on board ( public areas including restaurants, sun deck… and en-suite every rooms). The signal yet might not be stable as compared to the cable network on the mainland due to the transmission obstruction of the thousand karsts , limestone towers.

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