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Meticulously cared for each design idea, La Regina Royal creates resort spaces with unique values.

In the shape of an ancient ship, La Regina Royal possesses perfect lines between traditional Vietnamese architecture and modern luxury, amenities of French style. It is a combination of a bit of elegance, and classic mixed with a vibrant, stylish quality of trendy life. The exterior of the cruise is painted all white, inspired by an ethereal lifestyle and in harmony with the scenery of the bay area.

From the first moment you set foot on La Regina Royal, visitors will be completely overwhelmed by the spacious deck space. The cruise has a total of 20 luxurious, comfortable bedrooms, and diverse room types with a capacity of up to 50 people, suitable for all the needs of visitors when coming to relax.

- Grand Royal Suite: 2 rooms on the 2nd floor, area of 35m2.

- Imperia Suite: 6 rooms on the 2nd floor, room area 26m2.

- Noble Suite: 12 rooms on the 1st floor, room area 26m2.


All cabins on board are fully equipped with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a restaurant, bar. The exquisite interior with brown wood tones as the main color brings a sense of closeness to nature and creates coziness and comfort. The large windows with a view hugging the whole bay will help visitors feel more about the majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay when floating on the waves.

In particular, the bathroom with a jacuzzi is set separately for each room will make the stay more comfortable and enjoyable, visitors can both relax to their favorite music and enjoy the clouds and mountains around the bay. In addition, the sunbathing area is designed on the rooftop to allow visitors to capture the beauty of Ha Long in the jade sea season, with more than 2,000 islands large and small undulating on the water.

La Regina Royal's own identity lies not only in privacy or premium amenities. The special value that this cruise brings is that the owner can change the rhythm of relaxation from quiet to vibrant, gentle to passionate just a step away.

Stepping outside the cabins, visitors will have quick access to many interesting activities such as kayaking, squid fishing, cycling, exploring caves, and visiting historical sites. And at sunset, exciting explorations will give way to luxurious dinners at the restaurant, and bar serving international standards, and colorful cocktails.

La Regina Royal offers a balanced life between relaxation and entertainment in which guests will simultaneously enjoy all the quintessence of nature and the most advanced modern amenities. Get ready for your most unforgettable moments at La Regina Royal.

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