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Who doesn’t like the idea of swimming along one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature and UNESCO World Heritage Site? Often referred to as Halong Bay’s twin, Lan Ha Bay is ideal for open water swimming as it has much less boat traffic. The cool jade-green and calm waters, rock formations, and the wonderful views are more than enough reasons for you to do this yourself.

Among diverse activities that can be done in Lan Ha Bay, including swimming, diving, kayaking, caving, trekking, and cycling, swimming is the most suitable option for families or groups of friends to do together. Dipping in the calming water, you will feel free and relaxed. After that, you can enjoy sunbathing under the dazzling sun on board or on the beach. The best time to swim is undoubtedly in the summertime, from May to September. The weather is sunny, with temperatures rising from 25°C, making it perfect to swim in the cool water. However, rains and storms should be expected, especially in June and July.

With hundreds of islands that make up the whole Lan Ha Bay, you could easily assume that there are hundreds of beaches scattered all over the bay. But since most of it are made out of karst limestone rocks, the beaches that are readily available for tourists are only a handful, among them are Ba Trai Dao Beach, Van Boi Beach or Monkey Island. Some swimming areas in Lan Ha Bay are free while others require a small entrance fee. If you join a package tour/overnight cruise trip, you don’t need to care about the entrance fee.