Cruising along the unique route from Got Ferry, Hai Phong City, through off-beaten track venues en-route, La Regina Legend Cruise features oceans of unwind and active off-board excursions that most of other Cruiseships don’t have a chance to offer.

On board La Regina Legend Cruise, each moment is nourished as if you were in a true queen palace, where you are pampered in personalized service and entertained by joyful activities. Our crew with complete attentive mind would host a flawless voyage that you expect to experience.


The refined journey

Fruit Carving Lesson

Join a fruit carving lesson to try your hand making sophisticated flowers from vegetables and fruit under the instruction of cruise chef. You will soon love this lovely lesson as our humorous smiling Chef would never let you stop having fun for a second.

Morning Taichi, Yoga And Meditation

La Regina Legend Cruise is proud to claim ourselves the most professional in Tai Chi, Yoga and Mediation training. Our experts of wellness instruct you movements in detail, and especially, the true spirit of each wellness subject. Morning Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation Class lasts from 6:10 am to 7:00 am daily for those who would like to start a day healthy. The class includes different sections of Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation on your request. Amidst the magical scenery of the ocean, we expect to break the limitation of your mind with deep breath and absolute concentration. Feel the edge of your body and mind fader and finally merge into one. It’s the time when you have an incredible experience of your lifetime! Complimentary tea and coffee is served during the class.

Jacuzzi Relaxation

On the third deck of La Regina Legend uncovers a relaxing space for jacuzzi. This is your oasis for jacuzzi treatment. Two large jacuzzi pools are ideal for individuals, couples and even groups immersing in the water. Close your eyes, let your mind free, but don’t so relaxed that you fall asleep over the dining time. Drinks from the Bar or Le Magia Café & Restaurant are served at jacuzzi area on request. Jacuzzi service is complimentary on board for all guests on availability.

Vietnamese Food Demonstration

At 18:00 daily, guests on La Regina Cruise are very glad to gather on sundeck for a joyful Vietnamese Food Demonstration. Our Chef, preparing all interesting ingredients, will introduce some traditional Vietnamese food recipe. He will tell you the origin and meaning of all the ingredients, and of course, instruct you to prepare and cook the dish by yourself. This is a lovely chance for you to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine and culture during your travel in this country.

Optional Entertaining Activities

On board La Regina Legend, you don’t have a single minute to be bored. We entertain you as if every moment in the journey was a cherish time. Our crew offers various optional entertaining games and experiences such as “Cinema on the bay”, “The moment of Halong cruise” (instant camera service for souvenirs), Accessory making class, etc.

Spa – Wellness

Imagine you are completely relax with an exclusive spa treatment of Vietnamese royal beauty secret, amid the dramatic backdrop of the limestone mountain. How soothing the experience is! Our La Bella Spa with elegant décor and soothing fragrance offers indoor treatment room for privacy experience. In-suite spa service is on request.


The amazing discovery and culture encounters

Visiting Dark And Bright Cave

Caves and limestone mountains makes the signature seascape of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Taking a Halong Bay Cruise without visiting a cave is a huge regret. Thousands of caves and grottos hidden in the mountains, are waiting you to discover. Located in the edge of Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay, Dark and Bright Cave is a nice beauty spot for guests to explore and sightseeing. Here, imposing islands surround a quiet lagoon, sheltered from the sea swells and only accessible via a 100m long sea cave. The grotto looks like a big gate, opening a sanctuary of peace behind. Across the cave, you would discover a quiet and poetic lagoon nestled in the mountains. La Regina Legend offers several options for you to explore this area including kayaking, joining a local rowing boat, or even hide a sailing boat conquer the currents by yourselves (extra service on request). Each option has an advantage to explore Dark and Bright Cave area.


How many time have you kayaked before? It’s certain that it would be a complete difference kayak experience. It’s not common to kayak at a World Nature Wonder, among thousand of limestone mountains rising from vast of emerald water, isn’t it? If cruising is the most intelligent way to enjoy the whole picture of a timeless beauty, kayaking is the best way to take a close-up into it. Getting closer to the multi-color of Lan Ha Bay's water, the currents waving into the mountain bottoms, and the hidden caves or lakes, you feel as if you were able to conquer the ocean in your hands. La Regina Cruise, during her route, takes you to untouched area to kayak such as Ba Ham Lake and Ba Trai Dao beach, far from touristy kayaking spots. There, you have enough time and space to enjoy the bay in your own leisure pace.

Cycling At Viet Hai Village

Exploring Viet Hai Village is the most-expecting discovery with La Regina Cruise. You will soon be amazed with the peaceful landscape of the isolated village and their lovely residents. Cycle along the village paths and go through rain forests and dark tunnel. Be impressed by stunning scenery of rice fields on the way. Visit an ancient local house, made from straw, mud, bamboo…you will have chance to encounter cherubic local people living in the valley. We call the excursion to Viet Hai Village is an amazing culture encounters during your journey. This special visit is known as a remarkable off-board activity in a 3-day itinerary.

Swimming And Sunbathing

You are on the sea. Don’t miss swimming experience. The cruise ship stops by pristine beaches for guest swimming and sunbathing. Ba Trai Dao is one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in Lan Ha Bay, where you are sunbathing on white sand, swimming and playing with the waves. Because of the weather, some days Ba Trai Dao beach is not at its best for swimming, La Regina Legend Cruise offers a nice alternative, which is Tra Bau Area, a calm and scenic area for swimming and relaxing in the sea.